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     The AIM System has many options to fit your notification requirements. Including wireless devices such as Motions, Contacts, Smoke Detectors and more. Key fob activation, solar recharging systems and introducing our new GPS location option. With AIM's patented low power controller, the need for large or even long-life batteries is eliminated. Receive Notifications 7/24 with AIM.
The AIM System puts the entire system essentially to "sleep", but yet still functioning, waiting for an event to occur.

     When this event triggers the AIM jumps into action, "waking up" all necessary devices such as the GSM communicator, or the optional GPS device. These devices take information such motion detection, temperature control etc, and hand it over to the communication device once it has confirmed that it is up and communicating with the Notification Centre.

     A small short burst of energy is all that is required when the signal is sent. The AIM then goes back to "sleep" and the Notification Centre takes over.

     Once received at the Notification Centre, the signal is logged into history and either brought up on an operator's screen for verbal communication calls and/or immediately sent back out to either a fax, email, cell phone text message, palm pilot or other PDA devices.

     This whole process takes place and is completed within 60 to 90 seconds of the AIM triggering activity. The AIM is true REAL-TIME detection of events.

     This method not only gets the signal out to those who require it, but also logs this information into the Notification Centers database where it can be retrieved at any later date in multiple report methods. For example a report can be sent to your office each day via email showing all notifications for the previous 24 hours etc. The filter options are endless for the reports.




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